The Turkish company Pugedon has recently introduced a vending machine that’s an innovative way to help both the environment and our furry friends. It releases food for the city’s stray dogs and cats every time a plastic bottle is deposited, and it allows people to empty their water bottles for the animals as well.

This wonderful service operates at no charge to the city because the recycled plastic pays for the cost of food. So, with a little financial investment, the simple machines do a lot of good. They provide a steady source of sustenance to the animals, many of which rely on caring residents to regularly feed them. It also encourages people to make a habit of recycling and help conserve our environment for future generations.

Put these everywhere

Also if someone was taking care of a dog and having trouble feeding it— maybe they picked up a stray, or lost their job and were struggling— they could potentially get their pet food here until they got back on their feed— and just for cleanly disposing of their water bottles and cleaning up the environment around them.

They might even have enough plastic items to feed their dog as well as leave enough for strays. If not, with the waste that our society produces, I’m sure that the stream of plastic going into the machine would truly be steady and ever-present for whichever animal might need it, so long as the people in the area remain good on using it

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